Trees – “Arborescences”

Oil paints on canvas of boughs and barks
by Pascale JULY based on Cédric POLLET‘s photos

Cédric Pollet, born in Nice, France in 1976, is a botanical photographer, and landscape architect. In 1999 he entered the Department of Horticulture and Landscape at the University of Reading, England. It was on this occasion that the self-professed lover of English gardens used a film camera for the first time. As luck would have it, the tormented trunk of a venerable centuries-old oak literally opened his eyes to a world that was hitherto completely unknown to him: the world of bark. It was a revelation that changed the course of his life.

And so he decided to observe trees from a much different angle and began his research on bark, a topic almost never addressed in the horticultural literature. Bark is an absolutely vital part of a tree, often overlooked and yet so magical, it reveals, to those who know how to look, a surprising and infinite pictorial diversity.

In a large number of countries around the world he has, since 1999, tracked down the most fascinating bark from trees of forests, parks and botanical gardens, accumulating more than 20,000 images covering around 500 species.

Pascale JULY - arbousier de Grèce - 50x70cm

Arbousier from Greece – 50x70cm

Pascale JULY - Goyavier - 40x60cm

Guava – 40x60cm

Pascale JULY - arbre carquois - 50x70cm

Arbre carquois – 50x70cm

Pascale JULY - Brindilles sur fond rouge - 50X50cm

Twigs on red – 50x50cm
Personal creation

Pascale JULY - Feuillages sur fond violine - 50X50cm

Foliages on dark purple – 50x50cm
Personal creation

Pascale JULY - Dans les bois - 80X80cm

In the woods – 80x80cm
Personal creation

Pascale JULY - Manzanita - 50x70cm

Manzanita – 50x70cm

Pascale JULY - Bambou - 50x100cm

Bamboo – 50x100cm

Pascale JuPascale JULY - Arbre du voyageur - 50x70cmly - Tableau 22 - ?x?cm

Traveller’s tree – 50x70cm

Pascale JULY - Ecorce de pin - 90X60cm

Pine bark – 90x60cm
Personal creation

Pascale JULY - Platane - 90X60cm

Plane tree – 90x60cm
Personal creation

Pascale JULY - Arbre du Mercantour - 90X60cm

Mercantour’s tree – 90x60cm
Personal creation

Pascale JULY - Palmetto - 50x70cm

Palmeto – 50x70cm

Pascale JULY - D'après Arthus-Bertrand - 90X60cm

Based on Arthus-Bertrand photo – 90x60cm

Pascale JULY - Arbousier - 50x70cm

Arbutus – 50x70cm

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